A Painting for my Song: Love, Love , Love

I wrote this song and I love it, so being an artist, I gave it a picture, just to express what couldn’t be said in words.


I love me , I love you

I love my cousin Sue. I love Donald, Rini, Marylou. I don’t know them but I do.

I love my Grandma, I love my Grandpa , and I love my Mom

I love my brother,and my sister in law and Uncle Tom.

I love my dog, my cat, my fish , my turtle, my girdle, splish , splish.

I love ice cream, candy , pizza pie, I love broccoli, kale, spinach, not so much but I try.

I love my cancer, is that the answer? But ah ant cuz you got’a go

My heart keeps growing , my love keeps flowing all over the universe

No need to rehearse , just disperse , love ,love ,love.